Shulamit Widawsky 
Gifted specialist in Northern Virginia.

My clients come to me because they feel frustrated or uncomfortable in some aspects of their lives, and they need to work things out with someone who understands the special emotional needs of the gifted. As an educational therapist, I provide a service that includes both emotional and educational support--balanced as needed according to my client's needs.

Who are my clients? Why do they come to me?

Adults come to learn how their giftedness affects their adult life, not just their academic life. Gifted students come to learn to tap into their academic potential. Parents come to learn to understand their gifted children. Couples and families with gifted members come to learn how to support each other, accept each other, and grow with each other. Gifted people come to learn to understand and feel comfortable with their various gifts and challenges, in a world that may not understand them.

Besides emotional, academic, relationship and career help, I also advise parents with issues regarding their children's teachers and schools. I can attend student study, IEP, or 504 meetings to help explain why a gifted student might truly need services for learning disabilities, AD/HD, emotional problems, etc.

I provide services for gifted individuals, groups and families.


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Shulamit Widawsky
Gifted Specialist
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Annandale, VA

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