To have this score become part of a body of online gifted assessment research, please fill in the questionnaire below. You may answer whichever questions you feel comfortable with. The more you answer, the more robust the research results. 
If there is a question you prefer to skip, you may, and the program will accept that. 
Questions about names or titles are useful for record keeping; feel free to use real names or pseudonyms, but if you use a pseudonym, please keep it consistent.  
Thank you for your participation.

Research Section I

1.  Please title this assessment (this is only for keeping track...any distinguishing combination of letters or numbers will do):                 

2.  First name of child (does not  have to be real name)

3.  Child's age at time of assessment (years and months):   

4.  Child is a...   girl     boy     

5.  Your relationship to the child...   father   mother   other family member   other
     if "other" please specify:  

6.  E-Mail Address (Only include this if you are willing to be contacted. Must be included to participate in ongoing study) 

7.  City:      State:      Country:      
Zip code:-

8.  How did you locate the OGAT?

Research Section II

1.  Do you consider this child to be a member of a group that is likely to be identified as gifted? (In other words, do you believe it is common for other kids in this child's cultural, racial, economic, etc. group to be recognized when they are gifted?)

2.  What societal issues, if any, lead you to consider this child to be unlikely to be identified as gifted? (In other words, you think the child may be gifted, but expect the cultural, racial, economic, etc. issues of this kid will likely result in them remaining unidentified as gifted,  when they are, in fact, gifted) Other?

3.  Has this child been tested for giftedness before? yes    no

4.  Names of assessment tests, if any, that have been used to identify child's giftedness:        
IQ score, if it has been tested for:   

5.  Has this child accelerated to a higher grade (through skipping, telescoping curriculum, or any other means)? yes  no    If yes, how much? 

6. Reason you chose to try this online assessment?

7.  Any additional comments, complaints, or suggestions about the OGAT or this website?

Research Section III

1.  May we contact you for further research about this child?  
yes, contact me    no, don't contact me

2.  My name is (does not have to be real name)


Revised: July 19, 2005